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" En mai, fais ce qu'il te plait !  "

du 01 au 31.05.2024, tarif spécial

Milan Royal et Marmotte :

125 €/nuit petit-déjeuner compris

Moutons vus depuis la maison

Hello and welcome to Accous, a charming little listed village, at the foot of the Aspe Valley mountains. It is at Mouton Bleu, in a warm 18th century building that we welcome you. Between the gentle murmur of Berthe, the flocks of sheep and horses crossing the village, the flight of birds of prey with sometimes hoarse cries, sometimes

trebleand the one, mute, paragliders, we invite you to shareour daily life, to discover and taste the jewels of our beautiful valley. The springs are delicious, the summers warm, the autumns flamboyant and the winters invigorating. Hope to meet you,

Marie and Gérard

piscine au pied des montagnes
Cuisine familiale pour petits-déjeuners
Belle suite Milan Royal pour 2 personnes
Grande chambre Marmotte 2 ou 3 personnes
Petite chambre Petit Ours pour 2 personnes en complément de Milan Royal ou de Marmotte
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