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Adishatz friends!

Welcome to the Aspe Valley, the most beautiful of valleys. 😅 You probably find me chauvinistic? I would be out of favor to deny it but either you already know this gem (and you are not surprised), or you are about to discover it (and you will quickly understand the enthusiasm that the valley arouses).

In this blog and without fuss, I share our discoveries and favorites. Sharing is the key word! Also, don't hesitate to interact and let us discover, in turn, your shots 💙

And for those who are interested in the little story, Gérard and I adopted the valley 3 years ago and last year, we decided to come and live there year-round. Love at first sight for the house that adopted us. At first sight. We called her the Blue Sheep. Some will say that there is no such thing as a blue sheep? The probability that at our ages, we decide to leave everything behind to come live in a valley about which we know nothing, either!

Sometimes you just have to believe really, really hard* to see your dream come true...

*and don't give up. Never!

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